Sunday, 13 February 2011

A lovely weekend

This has been one of the best weekends I has had in a long time. It has been one of those times when everything just is just the way it should be...

Saturday I spent the morning photographing the Saturday art school at uni, they needed some new photographs for next years catalog, and Mr. Hazel asked me if I had time, and it is hard to say no to him and I did get film, and framing-wood for doing it, plus of course it does look good on my CV, hihi.I think this is one of my favorites, she was so concentrating on the cat she was making that she didn't even seem to notes me standing there with the camera and a massive flash-gun. And the drawing of a cat was AMAZING. Love how she made the eyes almost glow.
I was a bit worried at first since I always has been told that kids are so hard to photograph, but these kids where just enjoying, drawing, painting, cutting and gluing to even notes me most of the time.
Some of them where so cute and all of them where so polite and when I asked about there work they loved talking about what they where making.

A couple of them was very curious about my camera, so I let them try it out, something they found very fun.
It did make me think though that there is way to little art in the school and I believe that if they could have chance to do more of it it make school much more fun.
I hope the people at uni are happy with my pictures and that they are gone use them, because it is always fun getting your photographs on print.
After spending the whole morning at uni I got back to edit them, clean my room and do some work.

It was so nice and sunny, and already being in a photographic mood after the morning made me take these pictures of the flowers I have in my window.
In the afternoon, Nina, one of my housemates, asked me if I wanted to go swimming. the place we went to was so nice and clean that I signed up for 4 month. I have wanted to join a gym for a long time, but it always get pushed aside.
But now I a gone GO, already paid so not going would be very stupid indeed.
Then today I went to Starz, a American diner, with Sophie from my class. It was great fun, and the food was amazing! Looking forward to bring my sister there when she is coming over.

She also gave me a quiche that she had made and this tiny photograph. The scan does not do it justice, it is so beautiful. I gone give it a nice big frame and hang it up as soon as I get find a frame that I like.
So that was my lovely weekend, and tomorrow is a new week with lots of great people to talk with and I get to chat with people that has not been around this weekend.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My first solo show!

So this summer one of my old housemates emailed me to let me know he was gone start a small gallery in Trondheim, and that he wanted my photographs for his opening show.

I was really exited and not at least nerves, what to put up, what kind of prints and so on. Lucky Martin helped me pick out some work he thought would go well, and I agree with his choice.

sadly I did not have time to go up there myself to set everything up and all that, but I think the job Martin did was great. it is weird though having my work up and to give away that control, for those who know me know have much I hate loosing control hehe....

I think it is a pretty great first solo show if I might be so bold to say, and I am hoping that this is the start of something great. Both for me and for this great gallery space; Gallery TD

Again big kudos to Martin and his great gallery space and I am hoping I get the chance to work with him again soon.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Norway vs. England



You know... just saying... aw how I am starting to miss the beautiful place that is up there.

crossing fingers that I will be back there tomorrow night....

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bournemouth in the snow....

Looking out the window this morning I saw what for Norwegian people is what you will call normal... SNOW!

Of course down here that is almost the same as well something really bad... its like snow in hell hehe
After thinking "huh don't really have time today to do much snowy stuff" i checked my student email:

"Due to adverse weather conditions today, we have postponed the BA Photo Christmas party until next week."

Apologies for this all e-mail. This mail is for the students that have requested a tutorial with me this morning.
Due to the weather and subsequent travel disruptions, I am unable to see you today. I will contact students that requested tutorial early next week."

Sorry for the short notice but Ronnie and Hitesh are unable to get in the AUCB this morning. We have decided to cancel todays presentations and reshedule ASAP. I will inform you of the new date/times in due course."

Growing up in a country where as children was told if its less the minus 20 you have to play outside between classes, it is very strange being told that due to minus 2 and 3 cm snow the world has to stop...

Haven't seen any of my feathered friends this morning, but hopefully they will come and eat the food I placed out for them.

Even our roses in the front garden was covered in snow ( yes they where more or less alive before last night)
I am glad I placed my bike in the shed last night..

I do wonder what they where thinking though putting all our water pipes on the OUTSIDE of the house....
Well its almost time to go in to uni and use the library, should be nice and quiet today at least I would think....

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The worlds best sister!

Today my big sister is turning 29. To bad I am stuck in England, in stead of spending it in Norway with you sis. You are the best sister anyone can ask for.

of course you didn't always like being taken pictures of witch left us with fun pictures like this one:

Growing up you where my best friend, you where always there. of course we where fighting, but what I remember is most is all the fun we used to have and we still have

Melvin, the first car we went house hunting in. Aw all the fun times driving around, and getting stuck sometimes.... hehe

Looking forward to all the fun we are going to have, and all the places we are going to see together, because there are no one I rater goes traveling with then you.

Thank you for being my sister!

I love you!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, 22 November 2010


This weekend I spent in the wonderful city of Paris, my second trip there, and I love it. It is such a brilliant and lively city, specially if you go a bit outside of the tourist bit of town.

The reason for going was to going to Paris Photo, and it was great, but so many people and I have to say for being so expensive, some of the framing was terrible. I blame Dave for showing us how it should be done.

One of the days I had my lunch in a park looking over at the Eiffel Tower, what place to eat a baguette!

Old churchyard, so many creepy graves there, and apparently a lot of famous people.

And then we have my favorite, the catacombs, 6 million skeletons, stack like the way my uncle does his firewood, all need and orderly.

down in the catacombs there was a guide that was nice enough to shinny his flash light on interesting bits of bones, like this one bullet holes from the french revolution.

Can't wait to go back!