Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bournemouth in the snow....

Looking out the window this morning I saw what for Norwegian people is what you will call normal... SNOW!

Of course down here that is almost the same as well something really bad... its like snow in hell hehe
After thinking "huh don't really have time today to do much snowy stuff" i checked my student email:

"Due to adverse weather conditions today, we have postponed the BA Photo Christmas party until next week."

Apologies for this all e-mail. This mail is for the students that have requested a tutorial with me this morning.
Due to the weather and subsequent travel disruptions, I am unable to see you today. I will contact students that requested tutorial early next week."

Sorry for the short notice but Ronnie and Hitesh are unable to get in the AUCB this morning. We have decided to cancel todays presentations and reshedule ASAP. I will inform you of the new date/times in due course."

Growing up in a country where as children was told if its less the minus 20 you have to play outside between classes, it is very strange being told that due to minus 2 and 3 cm snow the world has to stop...

Haven't seen any of my feathered friends this morning, but hopefully they will come and eat the food I placed out for them.

Even our roses in the front garden was covered in snow ( yes they where more or less alive before last night)
I am glad I placed my bike in the shed last night..

I do wonder what they where thinking though putting all our water pipes on the OUTSIDE of the house....
Well its almost time to go in to uni and use the library, should be nice and quiet today at least I would think....


  1. Yeah... those Brit's are fragile eh? :) Love the hat siss!

  2. Godt at du fikk en liten bit av norsk vinter.

    Klem fra queen bee

  3. Hehe..=) Det er jo tåpelig å stoppe opp hele verden bare pga noen cm med snø..! Har de ikke vinterdekk og er redde for å kræsje? *atdetgåran*