Sunday, 6 December 2009


I got now under two weeks till deadline on my flower/scanning project and the plan today was to do at least five different researchs parts for mye sketchbook, but my head is all fuzzy today, so after trying to read the same essay a couple of times and not have any good ideas from it other then that I wonder what peanut-butter cookies tast like I gave up the idea of getting anything good out of this day.
so what did I end up doing? I made peanut-butter cookies of course, man they where good, but oh so filling. I made a bunch of them, so after eating a couple I left the rest in the kicthen for my other housemates, hoping they would eat them for me. Tomorrow there is back to get more work done, hoping my head has cleared up by then.

Ah, but other then my head being non functioning it has been a lovely day, sunny and warm, jogging in + 14 and sun in the start of december its a really great feeling. But saying this I am looking forward to a white Christmas back in good old Norway.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

It really is something wrong to listen to Kent in english, just think about it, you have a song you know that now is slightly different, trust me it fucks with your head, well at least it does with mine.
English version
Swedish version

oh, and we have been having some rather interesting weather the last couple of days. The other day I was jogging in a hail storm, is that what you can call extrem sport? And lots and lots of rain and wind. Today we had even more hail and I managed to catch on my camera.

And what do you know 5 min later it looked like this outside, talk about being a bit unstable.

Yesterday I was down town christmas gift shopping and it was so lovely, found so much nice, even something that are so pretty its gone be hard to give them away, but I am sure at least they are gone be a big hit. Infact I did so good that now I only have a couple small left to buy and then I am all done, and that even before the first of december, wicked! There was also a german christmas marked in town and gosh they had the best bratwurst I have tasted in a long time, yum, and it really did put me in a merry mode.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Ask anyone, the most dreaded project in level 5 BA photography would be the partsbin. The partsbin is made up from all the crap the class can find and email to our teacher, the we need to use this crap to make somthing profound and interesting out of it. The joy, I am telling you we are talking, animals dressed up as people, the simsons, every bad landskap photo ever taken, and the flower babies. Oh the flower babies, I know, I know, I am sure the are very cute and all that, but they are just so irritating.

So what did I end up doing, oh yes taking every damn flowerbaby there was and change them, just slightly, to something more interesting. Just done one of them yet, but in the end I will make five all together. All of them changing the baby with some sort of meat or chicken.

Why you may ask. Well, not sure at this moment in time, so I am spending the next two months figuring out. Now that should be fun.... Might learn something from it even.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Oh lazy day

This has to be the first day of I have had in over a goood and longe month, by of I mean no thinking of projects or reading anything that has to do with what I am working on.... and it feels weird. So tomorrow I will be back to scanning things that I find outside and taking pictures of meat, for not to mention figuring out WHY I am doing this.

Tomorrow it is back to planing the week, read some books, food shopping, write down some ideas and start working on that essay. At least this essay should be pretty fun to write about, since its gone be about how digital photography is more linked to painting then analog photography.

Oh, and I just made a wicked smoothy, banana, applejucie, blueberry, mango, vanilla actimel and erm...... Jameson. Funny enough it did actually tast nice.

My most producting thing I did today was figuring out how to put this woodstar back together, oh yeah, and the crowd goes wild....

first time

So.. looks like I am doing this, now I just have to get my head around how this bloody thing works