Monday, 23 November 2009


Ask anyone, the most dreaded project in level 5 BA photography would be the partsbin. The partsbin is made up from all the crap the class can find and email to our teacher, the we need to use this crap to make somthing profound and interesting out of it. The joy, I am telling you we are talking, animals dressed up as people, the simsons, every bad landskap photo ever taken, and the flower babies. Oh the flower babies, I know, I know, I am sure the are very cute and all that, but they are just so irritating.

So what did I end up doing, oh yes taking every damn flowerbaby there was and change them, just slightly, to something more interesting. Just done one of them yet, but in the end I will make five all together. All of them changing the baby with some sort of meat or chicken.

Why you may ask. Well, not sure at this moment in time, so I am spending the next two months figuring out. Now that should be fun.... Might learn something from it even.

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  1. Noen ganger kommer den egentlige grunnen til det vi gjør først etter at vi har gjort det ;)Handling skaper erfaring skaper refleksjon skaper grunner.