Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Depth of field

"The intense sense of depth and detail that we experience in front of a painting or photograph is a result of their flatness."

Friday, 7 May 2010

300 hours

What can a person do in 300 hours? A lot or nothing depend what you are planing to use your time. However this is not really the point, more that I have now finished my second to last year of uni life. It is a bitter sweet moment, I think its great that i get better time to talk about different things outside paper size and WHY THE HELL did the squid mean. I guess this is a good thing though, only problem being I do love that squid on a string.

but going back to the none point of 300 hours, what can you do? I created a picture and its frame.

After spending 5 long days in uni building a frame, almost crying and a lot of coffee, we did it, and I will tell you what, I will do it again and again!

I am so proud, and so thankful that I have great friends! what would I do without you Claire and Kym? probably curl up in a corner and die.

To bad I did not get a picture of Kym`s great photograph and frame, it looked wicked. But I did get a picture of Claire`s one, and that too look well wicked.

This picture does not do the work any justice, but what can you do, really needed to have a picture of it just to be able to show it to people and to go "Hey I made this you know!"

Last of all a big, BIG, thanks to my great teacher Dave, what would anyone do without a Dave in their life's.