Friday, 7 May 2010

300 hours

What can a person do in 300 hours? A lot or nothing depend what you are planing to use your time. However this is not really the point, more that I have now finished my second to last year of uni life. It is a bitter sweet moment, I think its great that i get better time to talk about different things outside paper size and WHY THE HELL did the squid mean. I guess this is a good thing though, only problem being I do love that squid on a string.

but going back to the none point of 300 hours, what can you do? I created a picture and its frame.

After spending 5 long days in uni building a frame, almost crying and a lot of coffee, we did it, and I will tell you what, I will do it again and again!

I am so proud, and so thankful that I have great friends! what would I do without you Claire and Kym? probably curl up in a corner and die.

To bad I did not get a picture of Kym`s great photograph and frame, it looked wicked. But I did get a picture of Claire`s one, and that too look well wicked.

This picture does not do the work any justice, but what can you do, really needed to have a picture of it just to be able to show it to people and to go "Hey I made this you know!"

Last of all a big, BIG, thanks to my great teacher Dave, what would anyone do without a Dave in their life's.


  1. Hurray for my sister!!! Well done getting through the year!!! What is that squid you are talking about though?!??
    Miss you much! Cant wait to have you home again!!!

  2. the Squid is in the picture :P
    looking forward to having ton of fun this summer :) after all it is my last long summer hollieday :P

  3. Lagde dere rammen selv?! Wow, det må jeg bare si..! =) Flott! Ser iallefall skikkelig stilig ut..=)

  4. Ja, sagd, skrudd og limt og alt det der :) very pleased.