Saturday, 21 November 2009

Oh lazy day

This has to be the first day of I have had in over a goood and longe month, by of I mean no thinking of projects or reading anything that has to do with what I am working on.... and it feels weird. So tomorrow I will be back to scanning things that I find outside and taking pictures of meat, for not to mention figuring out WHY I am doing this.

Tomorrow it is back to planing the week, read some books, food shopping, write down some ideas and start working on that essay. At least this essay should be pretty fun to write about, since its gone be about how digital photography is more linked to painting then analog photography.

Oh, and I just made a wicked smoothy, banana, applejucie, blueberry, mango, vanilla actimel and erm...... Jameson. Funny enough it did actually tast nice.

My most producting thing I did today was figuring out how to put this woodstar back together, oh yeah, and the crowd goes wild....

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