Sunday, 29 November 2009

It really is something wrong to listen to Kent in english, just think about it, you have a song you know that now is slightly different, trust me it fucks with your head, well at least it does with mine.
English version
Swedish version

oh, and we have been having some rather interesting weather the last couple of days. The other day I was jogging in a hail storm, is that what you can call extrem sport? And lots and lots of rain and wind. Today we had even more hail and I managed to catch on my camera.

And what do you know 5 min later it looked like this outside, talk about being a bit unstable.

Yesterday I was down town christmas gift shopping and it was so lovely, found so much nice, even something that are so pretty its gone be hard to give them away, but I am sure at least they are gone be a big hit. Infact I did so good that now I only have a couple small left to buy and then I am all done, and that even before the first of december, wicked! There was also a german christmas marked in town and gosh they had the best bratwurst I have tasted in a long time, yum, and it really did put me in a merry mode.

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