Sunday, 6 December 2009


I got now under two weeks till deadline on my flower/scanning project and the plan today was to do at least five different researchs parts for mye sketchbook, but my head is all fuzzy today, so after trying to read the same essay a couple of times and not have any good ideas from it other then that I wonder what peanut-butter cookies tast like I gave up the idea of getting anything good out of this day.
so what did I end up doing? I made peanut-butter cookies of course, man they where good, but oh so filling. I made a bunch of them, so after eating a couple I left the rest in the kicthen for my other housemates, hoping they would eat them for me. Tomorrow there is back to get more work done, hoping my head has cleared up by then.

Ah, but other then my head being non functioning it has been a lovely day, sunny and warm, jogging in + 14 and sun in the start of december its a really great feeling. But saying this I am looking forward to a white Christmas back in good old Norway.

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