Thursday, 25 March 2010


so well its been a long time since i have written anything here and well that just what happens when you don't write all the time. I keep learning so much everyday about everything like today, if you don't bring an umbrella to uni it will rain like hell when you are going back and stop as soon as you got the key in the door, its just the way it is.
anyway what i wanted to do was stick some of my lovely lovely photos from my little trip to Amsterdam a month ago, so here we go:

All you can do for a long long train trip is to drink. its the only thing making sense. never tryed to drink from 8 in the morning to 8 at night before, hehe it was fun though.

Got some new sock because it was raining on day and the once i had on got wet, so i now have a pair of socks saying Holland and they got a pair of cows on them, always good to have.
OH and the pancakes, with bacon, cheese and maple syrup yup!

This on the other hand, a box-burger, i did not try. Honestly who want to eat something like this?

Then we had some more to drink, and we all went back on the train for the long trip back again, it was all good!

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  1. Dear God... a hamburger in a vending machine?! YUK!!!! Put the pancake looked rather yummy...