Monday, 23 August 2010

And into the forest they went....

Yesterday me and my two lovely dogs went hunting for chanterelle, with mum and dad being a way on vacation hunting it did feel a bit strange, but after the first chanterelle was in the basket thefeeling took overhand.

Pysa almost got stuck in a mudhole, haha that dog is crazy about water and well just crazy really...
Forest gold

there is so many beautiful tinny things you see when you are walking around in the forest and looking down on the ground.
Norweigan forest are so pretty this time of year, I honestly don't understand why people are complaining about summer soon being gone, but what they don't see is that this is the most wonderful time of year, the smells and colours and everything!
In the end I ended up with almost a full basked!
Pysa after an hour in the forest running over most of the chanterelle that I was trying to pick hehe.
Kiwi on the other hand was running around on the outside as the clever and independet girl she is.
And me? well I was pretty tierd and very very happy.
the end


  1. Sweet entry :)
    I agree... autumn is the best! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Kantarell? Vil jeg også plukke...=)
    Koselig innlegg...=)