Sunday, 17 October 2010

Car-boot sale

Almost every Sunday since I got back to bmouth, me and Mr. Hazel has gone to car-boot sales looking for treasures. Mr. Hazel for anything that is worth something, and me, well anything that shine. Here is some of the stuff I have found over the last weeks:

Three trunks that I can keep all my extra stuff in.

A alarm-clock that seem to be working ok, but not sure I can trust it, looks good though

A rooster, it should be part of a set, but I could only find this one. Oh well, it does look good on its own as well.
tinny bird shaped scissors, from the victoria times.

two hand watches that don't seem, but they do look nice, and maybe I can get them to work.

and some glass balls, that is now hanging from the lamp in my room.

I am sure I will find more interesting stuff trough the year, but hopefully not anything to big or else I will need to get it shipped home some how.


  1. Den fuglesaksa var jo kjempefin.Har aldri sett maken noen gang :) Og hanen er jeg misunnelig på ;) Veldig moro at du får tid til å blogge litt.
    klem fra Queen Bee

  2. koffertene!!! Misunnerlig på de ja!!! Sukk.... jeg vil å på carboot sale!

  3. Nice! Elsker glassballene og saksa :D

  4. Så mye flott! =) Kunne tenke meg at Trine likte de koffertene hun også...=) Kule!