Friday, 5 November 2010

Dogs= happy

Been in a bit of a funk lately, don't really know why because life has been great. Going to have a solo show in Trondheim in December and the biggest photography magazine in Norway just did a interview with me and wanted my picture for their magazine. But all I seem to think about is how alone I feel, which is so untrue, got loads of good friends, but still single.
I don't really mind being single, but sometime I do get in a bit of a funk of being 25 and only been in one relationship.
But anyhoo, was out running today, feeling sorry for myself, when this big lab came up to me and licked my arm, and BANG I was out of the funk and I was standing there grinning. I felt so stupid for being in a funk over something that I got no control over and I don't even want a boyfriend, I love what I am doing with my life and all the people in it.
I am sure its all going to be great.

Also we live in a world where they make candy wrappers that looks like this:

Life is great!

E out


  1. You are strange!!! But I so agree, sometimes I just feel like I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE BECUASE OTHERWISE I WILL DIE AND BE EATEN BY CATS!!!.... but truly though, I love my friends and my life, my house, my horse and my family... and I dont have TIME for a man anyway?! So what would I do with him?! Stuff him in the wardrobe for those "special needs?"

    Love you sistah!

  2. Haha, dere er søte..=)
    Det er da helt naturlig å savne en kjæreste av og til..=) Alle trenger nærhet, og følelsen av å være elsket, ønsket og begjært. Men det er da alltid flere sider av en sak, det er negative ting med å ha ett fohold også..=) Så nyt friheten dere har mens dere har den...=)